Ending the debate with the Muslim

  • Mus:  And when we say that Quran said this 1400 years back, you cal it a fairy tales book.. Why?

    Doesnt this make more sense that whatever lawrence is saying today, is written in a book that is 1400 years old. Does that not make you think that HOW??

  • Me:

    Why do I call the Quran a book of mythology? Let me take a moment to pull that thought together into a cogent explanation.

    Firstly, the foundational claim is that God spoke to Mohammed, is itself an unsupportable claim.

    isn’t it odd that God hasn’t said boo since then? With all this new advancement, it is reasonable to conclude that God would once more reveal himself with some fresh advice.
    after all, God revealed himself to the Jews 6000 – 4000 years ago; through jesus 2000 years ago, and then Mohammed 1400 years ago. Seems He’s overdue for a conference

    What do we do today with people who say “God told me to do it. I heard him!”?

    Besides, no matter how you cut it, I take severe issue with the claim that “god” spoke to anyone. In mental health circles, that’s referred to as delusion. and no one, not John the Revelator, not Jesus, and not even Mohammed get a pass on that.

    And then, no reply.  😛


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