Just posted to my Facebook:

It is not my intention to “offend” anyone, but I had this frank and strong thought as I replied to an op-ed comment, and I’m going to post it here. If you’re “offended” by this, take a breath and be honest about the real reason for why you’re “offended”:

As a former lay pastor and now atheist, I will submit that the Bible is bulls**t, and that anyone who reads it with frank skepticism, cannot help but walk away with the same conclusion. It requires a special kind of delusion for millions of people to buy into an obvious and often ridiculous bronze-age myths that were re-packaged stories from even older, stone-age myths.
When one considers that there have been over 300,000 documented deities in human history, the notion that their particular deity is “the right one, and even the ONLY ‘true’ god” is simply devoid of any critical thinking.

And yes, I am a vocal anti-theist.


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