What the world is coming to… Part 1

I’m starting a new series called “What the World Is Coming To”.  Once a week, I will explore various ways modern humankind has effectively fucked itself, and what I think is necessary to correct the problem, or at least minimize the damage being done.

Nothing is off limits.  I’ll be talking about American politics a lot, mostly because the U.S. is my home, and a LOT needs to be done if America ever wants to “lead the world” in anything ever again, military industrial complexes and black ops areas like Guantanamo excluded.  There will be essays on the staggering evidence that “american exceptionalism” is a tired and dangerously narcissistic idea, as the evidence overwhelmingly shows our short-falls — and they are jaw-droppingly short.

The Middle East is a mess.  ISIS is growing in strength, and tactical nuclear weapons are in play, allegedly launched by Israel at ISIS targets.  How far will it go?  Israel has every right to defend itself.  Yet Israel’s treatment of the West Bank is deplorable, a war crime, and no one has held Israel accountable.  Nor can the U.S., what with Guantanamo still running and the Bush / Cheney regime remaining unprosecuted for war crimes they committed.

I’ll also explore human rights, including women’s rights, religious freedom — and how far will it go? –, LGBTQ+ rights, including where they conflict with religious freedom rights, and the rights of children.  I may even delve into universal rights and what it really means to be human and free.

These things take time to consider and compose.  I look forward to the challenge and the subsequent discussions I hope to engender.


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